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Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) provides a complete environment for applications development on desktops and servers and for deployment in embedded environments. It also serves as the foundation for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Java Web Services.


Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) defines the standard for developing component-based multitier enterprise applications. J2EE simplifies building enterprise applications that are portable, scalable, and that integrate easily with legacy applications and data. J2EE is also a platform for building and using web services. It incorporates web services standards such as those in the WS-I Basic Profile. This means that web services in a J2EE-compliant environment can interoperate with web services in non-J2EE environments such as .net.

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Microsoft Visual Studio

Develop applications for Windows, the cloud, phones, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SharePoint with the same development environment. Plus, you can automatically adapt web applications to target mobile devices with enhanced ASP.NET support for mobile browsers.

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Lotus Software

IBM® Lotus® Domino® software is a world class platform for critical business, collaboration, and messaging applications.

IBM® Lotus Notes® software helps you get work done quickly, providing you with a single point of access to help create, discover, and share knowledge, collaborate with teams, and take action. As traditional boundaries around work disappear, Lotus Notes software helps connect you to people and information throughout the enterprise and across the Internet.

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Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 is a cloud-ready information platform designed for organizations looking to efficiently protect, unlock and scale the power of their data across the desktop, device, datacenter and private or public cloud.

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DB2 database software offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux, Unix and Windows to z/OS.

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WebSphere Application Server offers valuable options for a fast and flexible Java application server runtime environment and enhanced reliability and resiliency.

An application server that can go from single server to a moderately sized configurations or to a dynamic web applications requiring web tier clustering and fail over across multiple application server instances.

Electronic Data Interchange


Short for Electronic Data Interchange, the transfer of data between different companies using networks, such as the Internet. As more and more companies get connected to the Internet, EDI is becoming increasingly important as an easy mechanism for companies to buy, sell, and trade information. ANSI has approved a set of EDI standards known as the X12 standards .



Inovis is a leading provider of fully integrated business-to-business solutions that manage the flow of critical e-commerce information for global trading communities. The company's comprehensive line of B2B software and managed services provide web-based data transformation, connectivity and synchronization, along with real-time business activity monitoring and exception management capabilities.

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